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Sebastian Dambone Sessa

Ricercatore a tempo determinato di tipo B


Indirizzo: VIA G. GRADENIGO, 6/A - PADOVA . . .

Telefono: 0498277510


  • presso Via Gradenigo, 6/A, ingresso docenti, secondo piano
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Sebastian Dambone Sessa was born in Venezia, Italy, in 1981. He received the Dr. Ing. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Padova, Italy, in 2010, and the Ph.D. Degree in Electrical Engineering in 2017. He was appointed as Research Associate (RTDA) in 2018 and as Tenure track Assistant Professor (RTDB) in 2022 for the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Padova. He achieved the National Scientific Qualification in Electrical Engineering in 2020.
His main fields of research include transmission line modelling (cables, overhead lines and GILs), network black start operation and optimization, power line fault location techniques, stationary electrochemical and hybrid storage systems and high voltage direct current installations. He has been member of the following Cigrè Working Groups:

• B1.47 "Implementation of long length HV and EHV ac cable link"
• B1.45 “Thermal monitoring of cable circuits and grid operators' use of dynamic rating systems”
• B1.56 "Cable rating verification".

He is an author of 77 scientific publications in collaboration with several companies operating in the power systems field such as Terna, National Grid, NGK, Prysmian, NZ Sonick, Fiamm, RSE. More specifically he published 40 articles in scientific journals, 35 articles in international conferences and two technical brochures. He has been a lecturer at 15 international congresses.
He served as guest editor for the “Energies” international journal for the following special issues:

• Advances in HVAC Power Cables;
• DC and AC Overhead Transmission Lines from Low to Extra-High Voltages;
• DC and AC Insulated Power Cables and Hybrid Transmission Lines: Insights, Operating Experiences and New Challenges”.

He is a reviewer for the following international journals: International Journal of Electric Power and Energy Systems, IEEE Transaction on Power Delivery, IEEE Transaction on Power Systems, IEEE Access, Energies, Journal of Energy Storage, Applied Sciences, Springer Power Systems
and for the following international conferences:, Environmental and Electrical Engineering International Conference (EEEIC), AEIT HVDC International Conference, AEIT International Annual Conference.
Since 2019 he has been teaching at the University of Padova in courses of “Technologies for HVAC and HVDC transmission systems” and “Power systems”.
He is a member of IEEE and of Italian AEIT.

Transmission line modelling (cables, GIL and overhead lines), power lines fault location techniques, electrochemical and hybrid storage systems for grid services, high voltage direct current installations.